6 Surprising Health Benefits of Love

Even though no relationship can guarantee health and happiness, love can have some positive health benefits.

1. If you are a happily married man, you are less likely to have angina (chest pain) and stomach ulcers. A study found that those who felt “loved and supported” by their wives had a reduced risk of angina.bigstock-family-health-charity-and-med-87516617.jpg

2. It may clear up your skin. When our love life is going well, our stress levels are lower, which means lower cortisol levels and less stress induced pimples.

3. It contributes to good mental health. For instance, it may lessen depression and substance abuse.

4. It makes you less likely to catch a cold. Love reduces stress, anxiety, and depression, which may give the immune system a boost.

5. It may strengthen a man’s bones. A study found that men in stable relationships or marriages after the age of 25 have stronger bones.

6. Wounds heal faster in people who are in a loving relationship.

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