10 Healthy Sleep Habits That Make a Big Difference

37B16EE500000578-3763806-To_get_the_highest_quality_sleep_aim_for_getting_to_bed_within_a-a-18_1472508464403.jpgNot getting enough quality sleep can have huge effects on your health, performance, and safety. The causes of sleep deprivation are numerous starting from daily stress keeping you awake at night, to watching one more episode of your favorite TV show. All of your behaviors and actions during the day before bedtime can impact  your sleep.

If you have difficulty sleeping or want to improve your sleep, it is important to establish healthy sleep habits. Even small improvements to your sleep routine can make a huge impact.

These tips will help you get started:

  1. Drink fewer fluids before you sleep.
  2. Keep a consistent sleep schedule throughout the week, even during the weekend.
  3. Use your bed only for sleep.Sleeping-Man.jpg
  4. If you don’t fall asleep within 20 minutes, get out of bed.
  5. Try not to go to bed unless you are sleepy.
  6. Establish relaxing bedtime rituals.
  7. Make sure your room is quiet and relaxing. A room that is too hot or too cold can be difficult to sleep in.
  8. Limit caffeine intake starting late afternoon.
  9. Limit exposure to light in the evenings.
  10. Exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet.

Keep in mind that sleep deprivation can also be a result of mental-health or medical conditions (such as sleep-related breathing disorders). Consult your doctor if your sleep problem persists.

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