4 Cold Weather Health Hazards and Their Precautions

Winter brings with it cold weather, and even snow and subs zero temperatures in some countries. Preparing for cold weather hazards can keep you healthy.

Winter is almost here. Make sure to stay warm!

1. Heart Attacks


Heart attacks may increase during winter months as cold weather results in the narrowing of blood vessels.


Try to take breaks during outdoor activities, as well as keep your core body temperature up. Consultations with your doctor are also important to monitor your cardiovascular risks.

2. Cold and Flu


Being indoors all day may increase the risk of being infected by viruses.


Wash your hands regularly, and try to boost your immune system.

To learn more about immunity boosting foods and practices, click here.

3. Winter Depression


Some  people suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which is a type of depression related to changes in season. The lack of sunlight and lower vitamin D levels are considered risks for this disorder.


Check your vitamin D levels, and try to keep a regular exercise program. If you think you might have seasonal affective disorder, make sure to consult your mental health specialist.

4. Winter Asthma


Cold air as well as common indoor allergens (such as dust and  mold) can trigger asthma.


Limit your exposure to cold air and check your home for dust and mold.

If your child has asthma, learn more on how to manage asthma in children by clicking here.

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