Tips for Coping with Heavy Sweating

During summer months, sweating can be a huge problem. Follow these tips to cope with heavy sweating:

1- If you are using deodorant with antiperspirants, apply it at night so that the active ingredient has time to go down into the sweat duct, rather than the morning when heavier sweat volume can just wash it away.

Coping with heavy sweating can help increase self-confidence.

2- Wear fabrics that are lightweight and breathable such as cottons, especially when exercising. Also choose clothes with looser weaves, such as linens.

3- Use powders designed to keep feet moisture and sweat at a minimum.

4- Dress in layers. Wear an undershirt that can help soak up the sweat.

5- Choose your meals carefully. For instance, some spicy foods such as hot peppers can make you sweat more. Foods like onion and garlic can make sweat smell worse.

6- Carry an extra shirt to change through the day if possible.

7- Shower and wash your clothes often.

Remember, if you think you sweat more than normal, consult a doctor.

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