Food Poisoning From Home-cooked Meals? Top Tips & Precautions

When we think food poisoning, we think of eating out or ordering delivery from a cheap restaurant. The unfortunate truth is, we can still get food poisoning from food cooked at home if the food is prepared without necessary precautions.

Following these easy precautions can help you avoid food poisoning at home:

  • CleanWoman cleaning kitchen counter
    1. Wash hands before and after handling/eating food.
    2. Sanitize cutting boards, cooking equipment, and knives with antibacterial soap and warm/hot water, especially after handling raw poultry, meat, seafood, or eggs.
    3. Wash raw vegetables and fruits well.
  • Cook
    1. Make sure that food is cooked thoroughly in order to destroy any harmful bacteria.
    2. If you have food poisoning that is contagious, do not prepare food for others (especially infants, the elderly, and those with weakened immune systems).
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    1. Do not thaw foods at room temperature. Instead, thaw foods in the refrigerator and use them promptly.
    2. Keep food cool in order to prevent bad bacteria from growing (e.g. leftovers should be refrigerated).
  • Carefully Check
    1. Always examine expiration dates before buying food.
    2. Select fish carefully to ensure quality and freshness.
    3. Be careful that the juices or drippings from raw meat, poultry, shellfish, or eggs do not contaminate other foods.

Enjoy your safely prepared meals!


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