Incredible Health Benefits of Ramadan

Eating Dates


Although many people break their fast with dates every day during Ramadan for spiritual reasons, they also come with the added bonus of several health benefits.

Dates are not only tasty, they contain very little fat and are free from cholesterol.They are also a great way of getting the much needed fiber, which will improve digestion and relieve constipation throughout Ramadan. Add to that their high levels of potassium, magnesium and vitamins.

Gives your digestive system a rest

The digestive organs rest during fasting. The normal physiologic functions continue at a reduced rate. Fasting however does not stop production of acids in the stomach so patients with peptic ulcer are advised to approach fasting with caution.

Detoxifies your body

As well as being a chance for spiritually cleansing yourself, fasting acts as a detox for your body. Most of the toxins are stored in fats. Prolonged fasting burns fat to create energy, releasing the toxins stored in fat deposits.

Boosts your immunity

New research suggests that prolonged fasting breaks down a significant portion of white blood cells, kick-starting your stem cells into producing new white blood cells,which boosts your immunity.

Helps you overcome addictions

Addictions can come in all shapes and forms, Ramadan is an excellent opportunity to ditch (1)

Fasting teaches you self-restraint and can help reduce your cravings for caffeine, smoking, chocolate and other habits.

Controls high blood pressure

During fasting glucose and then,fat stores are used to produce energy. The metabolic rate is reduced and so are hormones such as adrenaline and nor-adrenaline. This helps reduce blood pressure.

Lowers your blood cholesterol

Recent studies demonstrate that fasting lowers the bad cholesterol levels (LDL) and increases the good cholesterol levels (HDL) which may reduce the risks of heart disease, a heart attack, or a stroke.What’s more, if you follow a healthy diet after Ramadan, this newly lowered cholesterol level should be easy to maintain.

Reduces your blood sugar

As there is no caloric intake during fasting,your body breakdowns glucose to get energy, the continual use of glucose for various vital functions leads to lowering of blood glucose.

Increases fat breakdown

During fasting your body starts with the breaking down of glucose. When the store of glucose is exhausted, ketosis begins, which is the break down of fats to release energy.

Consult your doctor

People with diabetes,cardiac, renal or liver problems should consult their doctors.

Ramadan Kareem,wishing you the blessings of the holy month.

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