Are your teeth giving you a hard time?

No one likes teeth problems. Dental medicine

They are painful and if not handled correctly, they will spread the trouble to the rest of your body.

Teeth problems range from plaque build up or cracked teeth,  to inflamed, infected, and dead pulp tissue (necrotic tooth) or abscess.

Many of us tend to fear going to the dentist and delay the visits until the problems are aggravated. Don’t wait until it is too late. In fact, most  gum and teeth problems and complications are preventable by following these practices:

  • Going to the dentist for a check up regularly (e.g. 2 times every year).
  • Following good oral hygiene and health practices such as:
    1. Maintaining good dental hygiene by brushing teeth 2 times each day, and flossing daily.
    2. Chewing sugar-free gum or rinse after meals.
    3. Avoiding sugary foods, while eating a well-balanced diet.

If teeth problems occur, and while they are disturbing and painful, your dentist will have the solution through combining antibiotics covering the causative organisms which are aerobic and anaerobic. Consult your dentist about the combinations for treatment of mixed infections which are available as one tablet in the Egyptian market.


And remember, your lovely smile is worthy of your attention.

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